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Meet Kaelyn

Kaelyn, a 12-year-old from Standish, has been coming to MPTC since she first found out about the teen center when she came to one of the weekly community dinners served at MPTC.

“I just love it here,” she says, citing the staff and the other kids as reasons why she has been a fixture at MPTC every day after school for two years.
“If I weren’t here, I’d be sitting at home, bored.”

While she knew a few of the other kids before she started coming to MPTC, she has made a lot of new friends, too. She’s also uncovered some abilities she didn’t know she had through new experiences like hip-hop dance classes. “I learned that I was good at dance,” Kaelyn says with a smile.

Kaelyn wants donors and supporters of MPTC to know what a difference their gifts make.
“It gives kids a great place to have fun, do homework, be safe, and be themselves!”