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Meet Matt

Matt became part of MPTC in 2007 through a summer program designed to assist incoming sixth graders with the transition into middle school. Matt was recommended to participate in this program through the school’s social worker.

Upon first meeting, Matt presented as a bashful and quiet adolescent despite his large size. Matt’s physical development surpassed his peers so that he looked much older than he really was. Many perceived him as being strong and confident, but in reality he was much more child-like and immature.

Matt was part of a bike building program that sold the assembled bikes on eBay. Each participant was given a $75 gift card to Walmart. Instead of using the card to purchase the iPod he wanted, he gave it to his mother to use for necessary household items. Matt’s mother expressed her gratitude to the staff at the center for instilling good values in her son.

Matt has many interests including football, bowling, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, computers, video games, and listening to music. Yet, coming from a single-parent household of low socio-economic status, that adversity alone could divert him from making healthy choices or following his dreams. But Matt stays strong and makes positive choices despite seemingly insurmountable challenges in his life.