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A Future Full of Hope

Understanding the importance of long-term sustainability, MPTC’s staff and board continually develop and implement plans to diversify our funding. We are confident we will be able to increase our programmatic and organizational sustainability through a combination of several strategies:
  • Operating two sites: Westbrook and Biddeford
  • Building and sustaining relationships with the local communities
  • Expanding our individual, corporate, and foundation donors

We believe with a robust plan, and an organizational culture of philanthropy, MPTC will be able to sustain, expand, and scale its program to effectively serve the greater Portland and York county communities for the long-term.

A Second Home in Biddeford

My Place Teen Center is proud to have its history rooted in Westbrook, and looks to a future of expansion into Biddeford — with a projected opening date of July 2020 in the former St. Andre’s Church.

A Tale of Two Cities: Westbrook and Biddeford share striking similarities, and hold the keys to both the past and future of My Place Teen Center. While Westbrook and Biddeford look toward redevelopment and revitalization, the most vulnerable citizens — its youth — are in danger of slipping through the cracks. We recognized this conundrum 20 years ago in Westbrook, and have been  working diligently for area teens ever since. Now, My Place Teen Center will do the same thing in Biddeford.

A Little History

In 2014, Biddeford champions and stakeholders, including the Mayor, Biddeford Housing Authority, and the Heart of Biddeford, requested discussions about how to bring our business model to Biddeford. Originally we were functioning in a consultant mode – how THEY could operate such a facility like ours, but early 2017 discussions turned to: Would WE bring our business model to Biddeford and run a second site/MPTC for them?

Given that expansion was already part of our strategic plan, this was an easy leap due to the positive relationship developed with City leaders and a similar demographic and landscape between both cities.

Since then, we have been working closely with Biddeford Housing Authority and Mayor Casavant regarding establishing a second site at 75 Bacon Street, Biddeford; the former St. Andre’s Church. Our target opening date is July 2020. We will be located on the bottom floor – about 9,800 square feet – of the church. The St. Andre’s former rectory houses a high school alternative education program and the former convent is affordable senior housing.

We are entering into a free, long-term, 15-year lease, with 5-year renewals, with Biddeford Housing Authority. The business model will be the same as the Westbrook location. We initiated a $6.5MM capital campaign upon the conclusion of a fall/winter 2017-2018 feasibility study. We are working with Wind-a-Brook Associates/Julie Poulin, CFRE, to assist with campaign functions. The campaign goal includes daily operations for the next five years and capital expenditures.

The Budget


PROGRAMS (daily operations at both sites) – July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2023: $5.5MM

Fiscal Years – 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 – Westbrook only: $1.6MM

Biddeford and Westbrook – Fiscal Years – 2020/2021 – 2022/2023: $3.9MM

CAPITAL: $650,000

2 Vans/Facilities’ Upkeep/Operating Reserve Fund: $650,000

BIDDEFORD SITE (Turn-key Condition + Furnishings): $350,000

Futures Full of Hope Campaign

Join us in our capital campaign! There are many ways of supporting My Place Teen Center — and helping to give teens a safe place to dream of a future, and guiding them on the path toward achieving it. Your support ensures that MPTC is here for every kid who needs us. Your donation or pledge will certainly make a tangible difference in the life of a deserving teen.